Will he leave her for me?

I met this guy at work (my boss is also his mom) he always comes in and sits with me and talks with me, and flirts with me. He playfully touches and teases me. His even asked me to go places with him. Like he asked if I wanted to go to the bar with him and go truck shopping. His mom even tries to talk him up to me. I was doing some paper work for him yesterday and found a sheet of references and he had a girls name on it and it said relations was girlfriend. I looked her up on Facebook and it says they've been in a relationship for 4 months. She is away right now training for the Coast Guard. I'm really confused! His never mentioned or acted like he had a girlfriend, his mom didn't even know he had one. So from a guys perspective does this guy like me? And since meeting me is he questioning his relationship? Will he break it up with me for me? I mean obviously there is something wrong in the relationship if his flirting with me.


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  • Look at it this way, if he was with this girl and considering cheating her with you while she's away, don't you think he'll do the same to you if and when you go away? And second, it's not good to get into a relationship with the boss' kid, what will happen if you guys have something going on and then it breaks off, will you get fired for some off the wall crap?, both sanarios can happen, is he worth all that? Or can you do better?


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  • no. That doesn't mean there is something wrong. Some guys can talk to multiple woman for there own selfish reasons and hope you dont find out. he may be trying to have his cake and eat it too and of course he is not gonna tell you bc he wants to continue to flirt and such. But yeah he should have been honest with you. I don't know how serious he is about his girlfriend since his own mom does not know about her but doesn't matte. he should not be leading you on if he is taken. if he really likes you, he will leave her for you and if he loves her, he will not no matter if he tells you he will. How will you know? Actions. Not his words. Until he closes that chapter, he needs to stop leading you on and dont hope and wait around for a guy to break it off with his girl bc it may never happen and you end up broken hearted.


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  • maybe they are taking a time out
    he didn't ask u for a date

    • No he hasn't

    • so he didn't ask u out in a romantic date
      he doesn't have feflings for u just teasing

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  • Guys can flirt around all day, but they still go home to the person they truly care about.
    If he's with her, it's because he wants to be. Don't get your hopes up.