I have been out of dating game for 6 years now, I really like this Girl but I forgot how to ask out?

So I really like this girl in college, We have been texting and we have hung out once ( we went to a gun range) How do I take it from there, I wanna be more than friends, by the way I always text first


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  • make a trump move and grab her by the... jk but be yourself and say lets go eat or what she likes to do

    • then what afterwards?

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    • I actually have no clue because I dont receive any input from her

    • just say hey let's go out but make sure she is single them set lets go out to eat and say it's a date at the end then when your there sit next to her instead of across


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  • If you always text first, she might just not be interested.

    • another woman not interested in me, what else is new? just curious, you guys got heart or is it because I am brown?

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    • like all of them.

    • That's not true. There are enough girls out there who would appreciate you the way you are. Just stop chasing after her and get yourself out there. Go clubbing and stuff. Give yourself a chance.

  • how does she respond to your texts? that is a huge factor

    • like she takes time to respond, and I have to initiate every conversation

    • is she short? does she ask lots of questions? if not i can guarantee she's not interested in all honesty

    • She doesn't ask questions, she is not that short, but she meets me with warmth in real life

  • Usko poocho agar wo restaurant pay jaana jati hay, texting say. Phir dhekna wo kya kehti hay :)


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