New around here, how it works?

How do you make your post be read by many people and take more opinions on an issue?


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What Guys Said 2

  • There's no formul actually, the question has to be interesting or you just need to be lucky. Promoting a question may help, but you need xper points for that.

    • ugh, great! (irony)

    • You can invite people to answer your question if you want to, but before you need to know who they are. So, just be active, I'm sure that you'll have some questions with many answers.

  • Whenever you post an question most people will see it. I think the biggest factors to getting your question answered are the length and type of question. Try not to make it super long and you should get more responses

    • ughh I joined to ask and it's kind of big... okay then :(

    • It's okay! If you do have a longer question try to break it up into paragraphs so it is not just one solid wall of text for a question.

What Girls Said 1

  • Ask short questions and try to involve people in whatever you're asking. Ask about their own experience about the topic you're going through. You will get more opinions if you do that. Also, ask personal questions.