Should I keep talking to the girl I cheated with?

So six months ago i met this girl by chance, she is the little sister of the guy that my older sister met on tinder. The siblings are from another city, but the day that the older brother came to meet my sister he brought his little sister (Kate), she was supposed to hang out with her friends here but she had some problems with them and my sister requested I hang out with her, as her babysitter. Well turns out she was hot, smart and funny and two days younger than me. We got along so well, and stay out the whole day then we made pancakes watch netflix and just spent time together , it was something like 18 hours together. Everything stayed pretty platonic since I have a girlfriend , but when I was saying goodbye I ended up kissing her and she kiss me back. So we parted ways, she went back to her hometown and we talked a lot and flirted via whatsapp.
Then like a a month ago she came again for the weekend and we watched movies, got drunk and made out. (She was staying at my home). For this I felt guilty afterwards and decided that our fling was over, but she came the next weekend and I could not help myself and neither could she so we spent the time together just talking and kissing. I talked to her at the end and told her it was over which she took well. then about two weeks she contacted me, and we talked and it was fun, she is pretty funny and for some reason unknown to me I trust her completely.
But I do not know if should keep talking to her, I like her as a friend but I do not know, she has not reached out again


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  • don't go for just being friends. That is completely unfair to your girlfriend, and you know if you guys meet in person again (which you eventually will) you will hook up.

    Either dump your girlfriend because it seems like you don't truly love her, or dump the "friend"

    • No, it is fine. Talk to both of them, and figure out which one you like more. Girls do the same to guys all the time. Its not cheating up till you commit. Girls ruin guy's lives all the time. My life was ruined by girls.

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    • your one of those girls i hope becomes a single mother. I hearby am altering your destiny for you to be cheated on, and impregnated!

    • *You're

      You're 37 years old and don't know proper grammar? Pathetic.

      "I hearby am altering your destiny for you to get kicked in the balls, and never fuck a woman in your life!" (like any girl would fuck an idiot like you)

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  • Does she know you have a girlfriend?
    Ask her if she would have a threesome, then if she agrees, ask your girlfriend. If not, then at least break up with your girlfriend before sleeping with the new girl.
    Don't cheat behind her back. that is messed up.

    • hahaha yeah she knew I stated that from the beginning but she told me that we had just met by chance and she was not interested in me like that, but she let me kiss her and stuff.
      I am sure she feels guilty too, but is like why can't we be friends? I trust her and I do not know why


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  • If you can comfortably tell your girlfriend everything that has happened, and she is ok with you flirting with another woman over whatsapp then sure, be friends.

    Realistically I think you haven't told her anything, and would be hurt if she told you she had done the same thing with another man. Have some respect for your relationship, if you want to invite other women to stay at your home end your relationship first

    • The thing is i just want to keep talking to her, is not like I will see her in some time, I trust her a lot and I would like to talk to her tho I have no feeling for her

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    • @Wonderer89 The thing is I am sure I won't cheat again, I talked to the girl and we agreed it was for the best. But I want to have her as a friend and I know if I tell my girlfriend she won't go for it, and this gilr is from out of town so there is no harm

    • There is harm, you just don't want to see it.

      Good luck

  • yea only if she's intrested

    • tho I am not sure if I should feel guilty for talking to her, is it still cheating?

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    • oh then you should try to talk to her about what u feel and if she doesn't accept move on.😊 the point here is to make her see that you change and you want a more serious relationship 😊good like

  • Trust, a big thing for ya?


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  • sure, go for it.

    • Get it out of your system.