Your tips for keeping a long-distance relationship healthy?

I'm about to embark on a long-distance relationship with an online friend of about 4 years. My question is, how do we keep this relationship healthy and feeling special when we can't meet up in person very often? Sexytimes, cyber or otherwise, is not on the table. Any advice?


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  • Communication is key. I'm in a LDR. It's tough at times. I send her Open When letters. Random flowers, a random pizza. Whatever I can to show I'm thinking of her. I knit things for her and make her jewelry. I still feel like I could do better, and I get to see her every few months.


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  • There is no other way to say this but you all have to meet up from time to time. Long distance relationships rarely last for long. I wish you would of told us how long you planned on being in this long distance relationship.

    • I really don't know - it depends on how job and financial situations work out. I mean, obviously we can't jump straight from long-distance into marriage, but we're also not going to move in together prior to marriage or anything like that. So I think we're playing it by ear.


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  • lots of Skype and communication

  • Skype online to keep him sexually satisfied so he doesn't look for another girl to satisfy him.

    • I wouldn't be dating him if i thought he needed a girl just to "satisfy" him.

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    • It's not a sex drive issue. We're both religious, both virgins, and both of us want to wait for marriage.

    • Last time I checked religious folks are also sexual in nature. Again, if he has a low sex drive it is not a problem. If he has a normal to high sex drive he could easily be taken by his desires. Or in religious terms, "fall into temptation."