This guy wants to go on a date, but I learned we have different political views. What should I do?

So, I've been talking to this guy online. He seems okay. But I'm not really comfortable with some of the compliments I'm getting from him.

It's kind of backhanded compliments. Like he'll tell me I'm not like other girls. And that country girls are better than city girls.

I ended up finding him on facebook, and he was posting some stuff that I didn't really agree with.

I had initially agreed to possibly going on a date. But now I'm questioning if I should even go or just cancel. We haven't set a date to meet yet. But I'm not sure if I want to meet him anymore.

I'm afraid that he'll get angry if I don't agree with him. I know that sounds silly. But from my position I feel like guys always try to mould me into what they want and don't ever think of how I feel. I am a human and should be able to have my own views too. I guess I'm just worried of getting stuck in a relationship with someone who is going to not allow me to feel safe and have my own views.


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  • Just follow your gut. If you feel like you shouldn't date then don't. If you want to give him a chance it's up to you.


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  • If he's obsessed with his political views, I'd advise you not to go out with him. You will be wasting your time.


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  • I say give it a shot, I mean it couldn't hurt to give him a chance... he might be respectful enough to know people have different views on different things.

  • Question him online about the strength of his views, and what he believes. If he is not that bothered about politics, and is flexible, are you?
    If he is serious about his political beliefs, you could try questioning them online. But if you are seriously at polar opposites, forget him and go elsewhere.


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