Can I just have a summer fling with him?

I really like this guy and I believe he's a wanna be player because he basically told me about the other girls he was dating while he was dating me and he even wanted me to be friends with one of them but I wasn't into the whole sharing thing. Therefore, I kinda stopped talking to him but I realize that it's actually fun being with him and stuff and he's such good company.

Do you think I can just have a summer fling with him with no strings attached?


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  • If you really like him, then probably not. You'd probably just be setting yourself up to get hurt. If you're willing to take that risk, then I say go for it. But it's a pretty big risk to take!

    I find it hard to believe he is a player. Most players really try to keep their ladies in the dark. I mean like going to crazy lengths to keep them unaware of how many other ladies they are seeing. My very best friend used to be a major player back in high school. I remember once when we were 17 he showed up at my house BEGGING me to take one of his girls out that night to hang out and no matter what, keep her away from this party she was wanting to go to because he was going and taking another girl, lol.

    So either he is a wanna be like you said, and a REALLY bad one at that. Or else he's like a LOT of guys in your age range and just not looking to be in a relationship with one girl. He'd rather be casually dating a few girls at once and he was being honest with you about it. Which is a good thing really. Casual dating can be a good thing and if he's going to be doing it then you can too if you're up for it. At your age I don't really know why so many people INSIST on being in a relationship. Have fun! You have your whole life to be tied to one guy, lol. But if you just can't get into it, then maybe it's better to just walk away?

    If you do decide to have a little fling with him, make sure to lay down some rules. Like if the other girls bother you, maybe you can tell him that you are alright with him seeing them but you don't want to hear about them or have him pushing friendships on you. Unless you think hearing about them will HELP. You know, help keep you from getting "attached" to him. Also, even if you don't think you will see any other guys, leave the option open. Tell him that if he wants to see other girls it's ok, but you expect the same freedom to see other guys. Good luck with your decision!


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  • ? don't know what do you think if you know him well you should be able to tell no problem. Or just ask about his feelings on that statement.


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  • I think it would be totally possible and if you like hanging out with him great. Like awholenewsetofrules said set some ground rules about the situation, let him know what you are comfortable with and what you're not. And if you start to get attached, then get out. I've had plenty of summer flings and I've actually never had a problem with any of them. But I've seen friends have problems with them. But the difference between me and them was that, I did set ground rules, no talking about the other people your seeing, no flaunting it in front of you if your out in the same place, and other things like that. But also, another difference is that I don't get attached as easily as a lot of my friends do, so that definitely made it easier for me. So maybe if you attach easily you should be more cautious as well.