Why he never texted back?

so I just started hanging out with this boy and we text each other and he texts me back whenever I text him sometimes he might take like half an hour to get back to me but he DOES end up texting me back. so we hung out 2 times already and the 2nd time we kissed and that night when I got home he called me and after her texted me saying I'm so cute and when am I gonna see you again all that stuff. so we texted for the next 2 days and then we never texted for like 2 days and I texted him tonight and he never wrote back at all so I ended up making one of my guy friends call his phone to see if it was off or something and he answered so I don't know why he never text me back so guys and ladies please help me I really like him.


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  • he might not be as into his phone as you are. some guys don't carry their cell phones everywhere they go, sometimes it takes me an hour to realize I got a text message.


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  • typical gender games...prolly playing hard to get


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  • well go ask him why doesn't he text you back :) .. good luck x