Do you have a chance with a girl if you were very shy when you first met?

I met this girl few days ago at college, at first she seemed really interested in me, which kind of freaked me out and mostly acted all shy and defensive. She even at one point, after she had introduced herself, sat next to me and I froze and had nothing to say, i sat there and couldnt think of a word to utter.
But anyways, I think she's cute, but do you think my chance is gone, because she can only be thinking two things. That either I am extremely shy or that I am not interested. Which could obviously lead to her loosing interest, next time I see her.
Should I still go for it? I think I am more mentally prepared now.


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  • I know a guy who, for a year, was too shy to talk to me... and for that whole year I thought he couldn't stand me, because he was fine with everyone else. He'd come up to one of my friends and start talking to them, and just act like I wasn't there.
    He used to stare at me, and I used to hate it because I thought he was judging me for something.
    Somewhere in the middle of all that, I really fell for him. We did start talking in the end and we got along really well. Sometimes I'd see him around and we'd get that "lock in" thing... you know where you lock eyes and neither looks away for a few seconds ( although it feels like forever)
    The more time I spent around him, the more I liked him, but with him sometimes he'd speak to me, and sometimes he'd go out of his way to avoid me, and I got tired of it. It messed with my head too much, so now we just don't speak.
    I don't know why he is the way he is around me, he's either too shy, or he hates me and as much as I don't have anything to do with him, he knows where to find me if he makes his mind up. I still like him, I'm just tired.

    • Aside from locking eyes what else has he shown you? And does he smile while doing so?

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  • It's never too late if she lost interest that quick she was never really into you. I hate shy girls that has nothing to put to the table but want say she's scared to talk to me. But I wait it out. But go for it. You need know where her mind is at. Also FOR THE LIVE OF GOD DONT READ SIGNS, BODY Language OR ANY OF THAT. Please don't. Rather show action and look at her reaction. It should tell you more than enough. Her smiling, sitting next to you, twirling her hair can mean aaaaaaaaaaaaaanything. Then when she ignore you ( for example ) people get confused saying " she's hot and cold." Noooo she's just cold. There's no both. So go for the girl duuuuuuuude!!


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  • You have to show her a different side of you. Try pursuing her aggressively and she might find it all the more endearing that you have a shy side to you, but if she thinks that's your ONLY side, then boom, hello friendzone.

  • actually happened to me, there was this waiter at a sushi place, apparently she asks about me all the time now