The girl I'm dating still has feelings for her ex. What should I do?

So I've been dating this really amazing girl that I've liked for a long time, and she's very mature and understanding and also seems to like me back quite a bit.

But, she just broke up with her boyfriend about three weeks ago. She ended it supposedly because he kept hurting her, and although I believe her when she says she'd never get back with him, I get the feeling that she still loves him. She can't be anywhere near him without having to leave the room or getting teary eyed...

I really want to make it work with this girl. What should I do? Should I just give it time?


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  • She's obviously still going through the healing process, so only time will heal her hurt, and help her to move on from the pain he caused her. All you can do is support her and don't get too attached too soon , cos the breakup was only three weeks ago ... you could just be a rebound relationship. I'd never give my heart to someone whose heart belonged to someone else, cause i'd just be setting myself up for a heartbreak , so i would never put myself in such a vulnerable position. Just be patient and take things slow with her for now :)


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  • Not date her until she's moved on from that ex


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  • Run. Make her chase you.

  • date her may be she realize that you are more in to her then her ex