How can I take rejection better?

Almost every time I get the balls to talk to a girl I get rejected or I sense the vibe

Anyway I take it to heart like it makes me feel bad and I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Am I ugly.. Am I stupid, Am I weird Am I a loser? These questions pop up in my head

I just want to know what I could do to take it better


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  • turn the page and move on...😊


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  • Don't expect anything. You only get disappointed if you expect something. Not possible to be disappointed without expecting something. Just talk to girls because it's fun, not because they have to be your girlfriends.

    The problem is that you are not confident. If you were, you wouldn't feel bad about rejections.

    • Yea I kinda go in with my hopes high

      I don't know what to do about the confidence thing though

    • Exactly.. BUT, it's not possible to go without expectations as long as you are insecure.

      So what to do about it? Well confidence is not "achieved" by an effort, because confidence is the most natural thing. Being insecure is an effort.

      When you were born you were completely confident, but years of conditioning, mainly from society, ideas and expectations made you insecure. So you have to "unlearn" or dismantle those idiotic and false ideas you have about yourself that makes you insecure.

  • Play a game. Every tenth girl who rejects you, you scream at her and insult her in the most brutal and personal way. Take all the hurt feelings of the first nine girls who reject you and unload it all on lucky #10. Then start racking up more rejections so you can unload again. Fair is fair.

    • Ummmm lol?

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    • Youve got a point, but I wouldn't yell at a girl just because she rejected me. If I were to yell because of rejection at all, I'd save it for when she's not there. At least she wouldn't feel as hurt.

    • @gomalley411 Hurting people is good for them, if it wasn't, girls wouldn't reject you.

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  • It's not always up to you. Maybe she just got rid of abusive relationship. Maybe her family is abusing her. Maybe she's on her period. Maybe she's got boyfriend. Maybe her cat died earlier same day. Never take it personal. Think about this!

    • But when it is what can I do

  • IK you probably hate hearing this but there are tons of other fish in the sea. You just have to pick the right one

  • sleep with a lesser chick? or other chicks?