*update: she just admitted to me that she slept with one of her other friends ex boyfriends and she doesn't know. Her friend still clearly has feelings for this guy. She gets jealous if any girl flirts with him and she confides in my friend about it! What do I do? I don't trust my friend now.*

My roommate and I think the same guy is cute (this is not the first time we agreed a guy was cute, we have always agreed that for the sake of our friendship that we would not persue the guy). Now, when he first got here she was the first one to reinstate the the friends first rule. I wasn't happy, but I agreed to it because well, I have to live with her. But we were both guilty of flirting, as we usually are. Then a week or two ago she brings up this idea of dating in our friends circle and how awkward it was when these two other people did it. Today however there was some evidence that there may be something going on between the two of them. In class my friend made a sad-ish noise and rushed out of the classroom. Then like 30 second behind her the guy rushed out behind her. He came back first, then she walked in. But there faces looked guilty of something. Also for the last few days she has really been avoiding me, and not wanting to talk about boys. When he first got there I really opened up to her about how much I liked him and how smart/cute I thought he was. Now the thought that something is going on is driving me up a wall, and my instincts say something is. If that is the case, I feel like my friend just betrayed me. If that is the case should I be mad? Also, what would you do if you were me?


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  • everything starts with you, be good and you will attract a good person


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  • Yes, I think something must be going on between them. I'd be mad if I were in your position too. You need to confront her about it.