Should I let my best guy friend ask my crush out for me?

im too nervous to ask my crush out and my guy friend said he can ask him for me and make sure it will happen. should I let him do so or should I stay quiet and see if he ask me out first or go and ask him out?


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  • Why not just invite him to come along to a group event

    • I was considering that too.

    • Yea, i like group events because I'm shy also and it takes away the stress of me trying to find a topic to talk about lol

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  • I'd suggest that your guy freind tell your crush that you really like him and suggest that he asks you out. It sounds more like your guy freind will force him to date you. Have a few group events if you don't know this crush then see if you want to go on a date with him. Maybe even do a double date.

    • thats a good idea.

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    • the one that my friend tells him I like him or do a double date since my friend just asked my coworker out and asked me for her phone number.

    • o yup the double date sounds the best.

  • Ask granny to ask sister to ask you to then ask your friend than ask his cousin to tell your other friend to ask him if he wants to go on a date with you... whos you?

    Ask him or wait

    • haha you are right.

    • Try and remember the connection you build having experienced a rather nervous moment together - asking each other out on a date - is also the most invigorating aspect of a relationship. It would be a shame if you stole that experience away from you guys

  • Don't let your friend do it whatever you do. The guy will think something is wrong.

    If you want to ask him, grow some metaphorical balls and ask him yourself.

  • You have to do some things your self. Asking someone out, is one of those things. Otherwise, it looks like the two of you are being pressured. No one wants to be pressured into doing anything.

  • You're going to have someone ask someone else out for you? God, I hate how women expect men to do this shit and if we're too nervous we're "pussies" but when it's the other way around it's like "But I'm a woman! Cop out!"

    • I dont care a guy being too nervous is just im extremely nervous and I dont know how bad is going to look if my friends does it for me.

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