Should I meet him or what?

So this guy and i have been talking we met on this dating app and we been talking for almost a year we have strong feelings for each other or at least i think we only text and talk on the phone but we never met and we want to meet but the only thing is i am to scared and nervous because he hasn't seen a full body picture of me and im scared of what he might think im a little bit on the heavier side but he doesn't know that he tells me he loves me but im scared he might take that back cause of my body i just need to know if i should meet him or what i should do i really like this guy but my insuciting (think that's how you spell it) is getting in the way... What should i do please help


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  • Lol, it reminded me of this.

    A year's a long time, if I've been talking to someone for that long, I don't give a shit what she looks like.. I'm going to accept her. I'm sure you're beautiful but what will turn him off is insecurity, rock what you've got. He's seen your face, face is by far the most important part, if I'm attracted to her face.. That's the most important part. Just meet this guy, you've got to meet him at some point or it's never going to be a real relationship. I promise to you, 100% that he's not going to be put off and he'll love you. Just be confident.

  • He should know for your sake and his. Been a little heavier, slim, tall or short its all a preference. Otherwise, if you're still scared you have a lot of choices but each will have its effects weather they're good or bad.

  • You know him for 1year now
    then you would know about hime completely
    ask for pic and if you think he is good and his behavior is good meet him

    but your intention should strong and clear like what you want from him


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