Should I ask him out?

Wednesday night I was at the grocery store and passed by this cute guy a few times on accident trying to find certain items. We made eye contact and thought nothing of it. Then I was at my car and packing my groceries in and he comes up all out of breath and says "I wanted to catch you before you left... (introduces himself) Can I have your number?" We talked a bit, he texts me later that night, but the convo dies pretty fast. We texted shortly yesterday and the implication to hang out was present, but he never actually asked, but seemed interested. Would I seem "thirsty" (not sure any other way to put it) if I were to ask him to hang out? Also, should I text him first?


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  • I've never met a girl at a grocery store that's worth a hill of beans, they have a lot of emotional problems they are down on their luck stuck in a dead-end job going nowhere.


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  • When meeting someone, the first phone conversation is vital for me. Im screening him on he is someone that I can actually see myself with. Its certain things that I look for, that will make me continue to talk to me. I dont nonstop texting when im getting to know someone, I like to have a few phone conversations where we chat and get a feel of each other. On that note, Im never the one to initate first contact especially if he was the one that approached me first.