Is there such thing as a man that is not a player and does not have a book of girls they contact when not around a gf?

Would a man do this to his girlfriend if he loved her? Would he stay with her all day then leave her say he has to be somewhere else. Stay with another girl all night and go back to his girlfriend the next day?


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  • Nope, all guys are given a book of girls to hit up at birth.


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  • Yes, there is such a thing as a man who's not a player.


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  • i betcha, most guys on here arenĀ“t like that xD

  • Yes that would be me Iron Man

    • You would do that to your girlfriend?

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    • Thank u

    • Aww Hugs

  • Yes, definitely. Lots of guys are like that; you are just looking in the wrong places.

    • They love their girlfriend but can do that?

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    • No I could not do that at all. I am instantly monogamous from Date 1.

    • So, sorry, I must have misunderstood. My point is that most guys are actually pretty straight-up and not players. This is because most guys really just want to feel safe and that their girlfriend is loving and loyal. Players play because, to them, it's not about the relationship at all, but about the chase and the sex.

  • Most guys only mess with one girl at a time...

    • What do you mean they are only with one girl
      At the time?

    • Yes, most guys are only with one girl at a time... Most guys just look for a stable relationship with one girl. Even guys that are sleeping around/serial dating are usually not juggling a bunch of girls... They just get with one chick for a bit and then move on.

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