Yes/no question: can a girl grow on a guy?

or does he usually have a crush on her right from the start?


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  • Yes they can. Once, I had to sit beside this girl that at first glance, I REALLY didn't want to sit by, or even talk to for that matter. We eventually began helping each other in the class and we became really good friends. It took like 4 whole months but we both got feelings for each other and dated. It was great. Best girlfriend I've had yet. It's definitely a great experience. If you're hoping something like this happens with a guy in some sort of way, I'll tell you now it's a great feeling when it works out. Just give it some time


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  • Yes. It's happened to me more than once. In fact, for me it's the norm.

  • i have had it where I liked her a lot from the start or a lot more after I got to know her. I think it is a case by case basis. I know sometimes were unsure of what you think of us. id just tell a guy if you like him. lol were so bad at reading your mind and making the right move at the right time. please check out and answer my latest question as I need lots of opinions on what to do.

  • depends

    if your in them from the start its probably just looks


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