What would you think if you received an anonymous confession letter?

There is a guy I really like that is in my class. He keeps on sending me mixed signals and it drives me insane. I guess we're both too shy to talk to each other so all we do is stare.
The semester is ending soon and we will probably end up just not talking to each other at all. I know I will never have the guts to talk to him... and since he isn't doing anything... it's just sad. lol

I want my feelings to be known somehow even it's anonymous. So I plan to DM him on his instagram (doesn't have my name or anything).
Basically... i'll just confess. Maybe that will leave him guessing and thinking? I don't know.

Is this a bad idea? Please leave comments... I'm on the verge of sending a confession letter.
I just don't want to regret it. lol


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  • Basically if he likes you, it doesn't matter what you do... He'll still like you.

    But as far as the method goes, no, I don't really think it's a good thing to do. I've had multiple girls do it to me before in the past, although they didn't message me anonymously, that's even worse, lol. There's no point in letting him know that someone likes him, without knowing who that person is. It's like an even worse form of all that cringy secret admirer stuff.

    Just be normal about this, it's nothing special. You don't need to go all creep mode and send anonymous confessions on ig. Just go up to him, start a conversation and ask if he'd like to go out after class some time. Now I know that might be terrifying, but what's the worst thing that can happen? You're not going to die. You'll have the great feeling of knowing that you took action and did something you were scared of. It's kind of like being scared to go on a roller coaster and then the feeling you get afterwards where you're so glad you pushed yourself and did it.


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  • I actually got an anonymous Valentine's Day sticky note my senior year of high school. To this day, I have no idea who gave it to me, but I still have it in a box somewhere

    I was very depressed in high school and it basically told me that I should smile more often because I have a beautiful smile and I don't know who's day I'll brighten up with it

    The guy doing it gave similar notes with different messages and a box of chocolates to four or five other girls in my class and none of us hung out together, so we couldn't figure out who did it because we all had different friends

    Even if he doesn't figure out it's you, people still like to know when someone is secretly admiring them


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  • Ok, I wouldn't send a confession letter. I would send something like this "Hey, I see you in class all the time, and just don't have the guts to say it, but maybe we could go get lunch together sometime over winter break (or weekend or whatever you want to say) and get to know each other a little bit more". He'll get the idea, and if he jumps on it great, if not, move forward, end of semester, new starts. Say it to him personally, or via Instagram from YOUR account, not anon.

  • What are the mixed messages?


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  • I wish someone wrote me a love message that's so cute. 🙁💞 do it.

  • Lol girls used to do that to my brother. We used to read them out loud and laugh. Sorry.
    The girl never knew we laughed obviously.