He likes a part of my body I hate, what do I do?

I've got a big bum. It's like.. Big, soft and round. It's not pretty, it's not enticing. But this guy I'm into - who is massively into gym stuff so you can imagine what his body is like - keeps talking about how much he likes my bum.

I was horrified that anyone had noticed it as I spend a significant amount of time trying to hide its existence. Especially this toned fit guy.

I just dont understand. Should I flaunt my ass now? Should I tone it up to make it perkier - I usually ignore it and just hope it'll disappear with cardio. But if I up my work outs what if it disappears and he won't like it? How do Iearn to like something I hate? And what if if we sleep together and he sees it and it's not what we imagined and he thinks it's gross. I am so freaked out right now.


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  • are you kidding, a big, round perky ass is the prettiest thing in existance. i'd burry my face and penis there all day long.. .

    • But it's too big - it's not like sexy trust me. I'm short. Not tall and thin with a big perky bum

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    • I love you man

    • love you back. kardashian, salma hayek, jennifer lopez, do i need to say more? how many women fit that description and they would have all men begging for some... ?


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  • He's probably been watching the Kardashians.


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  • Get into therapy because life is too damn short to still have body insecurity in your 30s.

    • Is it?

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    • Sorry it came off that way. I'm glad we could work it out and I hope you're able to start feeling better soon.

    • Yeah me too - thanks :)

  • Enjoy it.

    • How? I'm terrified

    • I'm sorry I didn't give you a better answer. So I used to run and stuff but not activate my flutes which is essential for any running or yoga. After running hills my ass got so bubbly I had to get new pants. It wasn't bigger but higher and firmer.

    • That's a good thing right?