Should I be concerned and ask about her new guys friend?

So I've been dating this girl for about 6 months. We're. It official but I mean we do everything, meeting each other's families, having sex, gettting to really know each other. She told me she doesn't really llike labels or anything but for me not to worry cause she's not messing around. Anyways I fell for her but I haven't told her. About 3 months ago she met a guy and they really hit it off. I could tell the guy really likes her cause he post about her a lot, his profile picture is of them two, and she's also always talking about him. I've been in a similar situation before so I ended the relationship cause I didn't want to be hurt. She was really upset but would still try to reach out to me. Fast forward this guy left on deployment and a month after she reaches out saying she really misses me and wishes I could just give her another chance. I do and we start dating again and she brings me around her family and friends again. We've been hitting if off like we used to but she still talks about her friend from time to time. Anyways the guy pulls into port and I'm not really nosey but she posted on his wall of how grateful he stumbled into her life, and she can't wait till he's back so they can hangout. This was on Thanksgiving and she never even said anything to me even tho I'm always there for her and never once did her wrong. So I called her to talk and she said she was just on the phone with him since he's about to not have service anymore but then she talks to me like normal. A big part of me says she really likes him more than me... I want to ask her but I don't know how without sounding over insecure and jealous?


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  • red flags left and right.
    u need to talk to her about it before u end up getting urself hurt.

    • I did once and that was when we started talking again. We got into an argument about how he only was a friend. We started having sex again after that.

    • sex is distracting. talk to her about how u feel without the sex. tell her ur not comfortable with their relationship. if she cares about u, she wil calm it down...

    • I'm not at the same time I don't want to be controlling of who she can hang with or talk to but it's not like she is hiding it from me.

  • she's a player


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  • Dose she have sex with both of you?