Should I move on and forget about my crush?

It's been a month now since I confessed to him. He was insecure since his past "lovers" were a little too rough but I was making sure he would never feel that with me since I'm different. He was cold but sometimes he would show me affection, hugging me, kissing me and whatever. On Thanksgiving I wrote him "I'm thankful for meeting you" but he wrote me "Thanks for your friendship"... All my friends have been telling me he friend zoned me, but I just can not believe it. Anyways, it is not the first time he acts like this all suddenly. Sometimes he's on the phone smiling and everything, he's always online and if I do not text him, I don't even receive one accidental text from him. On person his different... but on my back, he's soo cold. I am really tired of this, I have spoken to him about this and he says "You have to give me some time"... But that is not a reason to treat me this way, right? Or maybe I should wait and stop complaining?


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  • Im going to tell you this girl to girl. I dont know your story nor do i know whats happening other then what i read. But what i have read is that he thinks your "to clingly" or just doesn't like you that way. He shouldn't be treating you the way he is, but then if he is giving you the cold shoulder why are you beating yourself up trying to make the little boy like you? Also your friends are right. He did pretty much friend zone you. Dont try to change on anything, your meet the right one. I went through 4 boyfriends before meeting my fiance!!! Look at the personality, not the looks. Do you want to be with someone forever that has great looks BUT is very abusive, disrespectful, possibily ending up on the first 48 cuz they found your body etc? Or do you want to live with someone who is not attractive BUT will treat you like a queen? Your choice. ReRead "crush" over and over again. Its called a crush due to the fact your going to get crushed. Its just a nice word for..."you like him, he's not the one. Your going to get over him."


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  • Nothing to be done here, just move on.


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