Met a guy on holiday who is moving to my city, how to play things?

I met a guy on holiday 6 weeks ago and we hit it off! Straight away he added me on Facebook before messaging me couple of days later, two days in a row. It turns out he's moving to my city in February and he asked for my snapchat to keep in touch. Since then, however, I have only heard from him a couple of times and I sent him a snapchat once out of the blue which he promptly replied to, leading to a conversation. I am at a loss how to play things from here though? I know he is quite a shy/quiet guy and works a lot, but I feel like if he was really interested I would be hearing from him more often? How do I realistically stay in contact with him til he moves here in Feb or should I just give up now?


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  • You don't have to give up, but just give it time. You can message him once and give him a chance to reply. You said so yourself, he's real busy and probably just hasn't had the time to reply. If you keep messaging him, he'll think your over beating and way too interested, you would also come off as needy. So just message once and wait, and if he doesn't message you back, oh well, move on, but if you keep messaging him, then he'll move on. Either way, best route is to be patient.

  • 'Hello how are you doing' once in a while will be ok. Don't be too anxious otherwise you loose it.


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