Confusing signs, what does he really want?

Around April I started dating a guy I really liked, we would go out and have a really great time together. As we started to spend more and more time I told him I needed to understand what his intentions where because I was at the point that if I kept going I would really start having serious intentions. He told me he really liked me but was glad that I had brought this up because he has ended a long relationship a couple of months back and wasn't ready to start going out seriously with someone else yet due to the fact that he wanted to get in touch with himself again. Of course I was a bit sad but understood that you can't force a relationship on anyone. He was really respectful of my feelings and said he didn't want to keep on seeing each other because he didn't want to ruin things with such a great girl. We stopped talking but he never stopped liking and commenting the photos I put on my social media pages. Now, about 4 months later he started texting me again. Casual flirting with no real invitation too see each other again but with photos and a lot of flirting. I'm a little confused, is he just looking for casual sex again? Or does he understand that If he again starts to talk to me I will obviously feel the same as before? What are his intentions?


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  • People will take you the way you present yourself to them. If you are a serious person they will take you serious.


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  • I wouldn't take him seriously unless he is showing you that he wants a relationship with you. Just because he likes your pics doesn't necessarily mean that he wants to a serious relationship, he could be missing the sex or your company. His actions has to show that he wants to be with you and not to use you for sex. I wouldn't get to involved with me, because you dont want to be heartbroken if he tells you once again that he doesn't want anything serious and just casual sex.