Week since first date, texting but hasn't called?

We had a great first date last Sunday- our official date was going to a BBQ with some friends. After 2 hours he actually asked if I'd like to go to dinner, which I happily obliged to. We shared a pizza and each had a beer, then he walked me inside my apartment and hung out for a few minutes. Hug goodbye. So the next day he texted me. We texted a few times during the week, but now it's Saturday and haven't heard from him since Tuesday. What is going on? I really felt we had a great time together and we joked about "next time" and threw out ideas of what we could do. Anyway, do you think he is blowing me off for some reason or do you think he'll call? Maybe he's just nervous? I am worried maybe we got along TOO well and now I am in the "friend" category and not romantic.

I did send him a message last night (Saturday) basically saying I like him and hope he will call so we can hang out again. No response yet..


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  • Well I'm glad you texted him. I think the problem with allot of people, is they wait to see what happens game. I don't care if it's a woman, or a man. Society has told us the guys are the ones that should be asking people out, should be doing the foot work. Why not have an equal part in which to ask someone out. It's not about the sexist anymore, it's about feeling something, and going for it, rather that being just the guy's job.

    So I do applaud you for taking a risk, and seeing what's up with him. Who knows he may feel nervous, but I don't believe so. Just because of the fact that he asked you out in the first place, and then it sounded like the time went well. But it's not time to question every motive, do what feels right, and go from there. If he shines you, and doesn't respond back then why would you want someone in your life to treat you like that.


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  • Just wait he could be busy. If he does not contact you then you know he is not into you.