My boyfriend and are ready to take the next step in our relationship, but every time we try we both get really nervous?

My boyfriend asks me if I'm ready to take the next step. We have been dating for almost 6 months and he wants to step it up from hugging and holding hands. So we both want to kiss each other. I have had my first kiss, but my boyfriend hasn't had his first kiss yet. He always ask me what kissing is like and I always tell him that he is just gonna have to find out himself because his experience will be different than mine. How do I not get so nervous or how do I get him not so nervous. Answer as soon as possible. We want to this like in the next couple of days


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  • Next time you are hugging, pull your head back, look into his eyes, and just kiss him. It doesn't need to be discussed in advance.


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  • i mean you can always kiss in the dark it if makes you feel less nervous you too are probably scared of each others reactions and that's okay or you know close your eyes kisses don't have to be perfect because if you both like each other well enough then they should be perfect enough for your significant other


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  • Its just a kiss, lean in, do it, get it over with.

  • Don't be nervous around the one you love. Have some sort music playing and scented candles. Whisper to him and bite his ear a little. His nervousness will turn into shaking ecstasy.

    • she is 16 she doesn't need shaking ecstasy she just needs to kiss

    • @NovaEaston whoops my bad. Didn't see the age part. Eh regardless though, still good when she's 18. I was talking about the guy anyway.

    • still teenagers this day in age don't know how to not get pregnant or STDs they think oh once won't hurt or I might not get pregnant they out everything to chance

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