Take initiative or not?

We talked about meeting up but it hasn't been mentioned anymore..

I mostly took initiative (started talking about it) and he reacted positively..
I want to know if he still wants to but I don't want to seem desperate. Would he mind if I started talking about it?

He just doesn't start talking about some subjects unless I start. But when I do, he really talks about it. One of my friends told me I should let him start talking about it but he isn't like that at all.

Kind of torn in two.. 😂


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  • If you don't think he will, but if you do, he'll react positively in your favor, then why not? It's been working so far. Some guys are just shy like that and they're scared to make the move, probably bc he's still unsure if you only consider him a friend or if you consider him a potential boyfriend. take the chance, I don't think you'll regret it.


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  • I don't think he would mind because he likes you. You won't seem desperate !
    Maybe he's just scared or shy.. I don't think he would've reacted in a positive way if he didn't like the whole meeting up scenario.

    Good luckk ! ;)


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