Why do men talk all the time for like 5-7 days and then VANISH?

is it because theyre over it?

or it's a game tactic. i think its the latter.

also how should i react?

do i ignore them back?

just do my own thing and move on.

or write hey where did you?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Ignore it, move on. Don't try to get a hold of him, if he likes you, he would make the effort.

  • Its usually cause i got shit to do, got shit going on i dont tell my dates about, sometimes i get balls deep in work probably behind cause I've been texting a girl too much for 5-7 days. or get hammered a few days straight dont wanna talk when im juiced.
    I don't know about other guys but i dont let problems persist in my life. If something comes up i drop all unnecessary functions, social life, dating, gym, food, sleep in that order sometimes all at once till i can fix my shit.


What Girls Said 1

  • do your own thing and move on. if they want you they wouldn't play mind games. some guys go ghost because they see you want a commitment and they don't. some are just over it.