Why do parent tend to always blame the teacher for when they're child is doing poorly in school?

First I want to say that yes there are some really terrible teachers out there and I've even had a few myself. One such example would be a teacher I had who would only pass out work sheets, tell us to read our books for the answers, and later give a test. All this while he only sat at her desk for the whole class period.

Now with that aside I'm sure we all not most teachers aren't like that all, yet somehow a parent will find a way to blame them. There was actually a student in an advance English program that got caught cheating and was removed from the program and put in the regular English class. Will his father wasn't too happy about this. He admits to the fact that his son was cheating, but was demanding that he remain in the advance program even though the agreement the student sign specifically mention being removing if found cheating or etc. But the boys father didn't want to hear that. All that matter was keeping his son in the advance class because the regular one "won't look as impressive on a college application". Seriously? *sighs* -_-



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  • Because teachers are employed to educate children, and parents have the reasonable expectation that teachers attend to student's educational needs and adapt their learning style depending on the child. Kids see their teachers more hours in a week than their own parents once they start school, so the majority of their education is the responsibility of their teachers and it is frustrating when teachers don't have as much investment in a child's education as a parent would, but the parent has to send the kid to school anyway and trust in the education system.


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  • If they blame their kid it will be their fault. They think its never their fault.


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  • Because some parents believe their kids are angels and won't discipline their kids

  • Cuz some teachers are weak and useless and should be called out for it


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