Did I mess up with the girl I met on tinder?

So I've been talking to her for a few weeks now and we finally met up in person. She was really cool and she really likes to talk but I feel like I wasn't especially special on my end. I asked her questions to get her talking a lot and talking myself to continue the conversations but I don't feel like I was funny enough or descriptively creative enough. I want to impress her because I really like her. Did I mess up or should I try something different for next time?


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  • How are we supposed to know? What was her mood like during the date? Did you kiss her? Does she respond to your texts?


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  • Don't try to be funny. If you're funny, perfect, but if you aren't, don't try. Don't force it or you'll screw up.
    You talked to her for weeks before meeting, so she kinda has an idea of who you are (now even more that you met in person). If she's still talking to you and willing to meet again, I don't see why you need to change who you are. Just keep doing what you're doing, though try to get closer this time (not necessarily physical), so you two can get closer and build a better connection.

    Maybe you weren't as good as you wanted to be because it was the first date and you were nervous. That's normal. Next time you'll be more relaxed and you'll see it'll go better.

  • If you want so bad to impress her... well show her some video of you doing parkour. Haha.