Does clothing all come down to if it suits the person?

I have seen posts on this websites of clothing that looks great... but some people hate it... and say urgh I hate all those kind of trousers or something. But is the reality that if it suits the person's style... and they work it (perhaps a matching hair cut)... most people will like the clothing on them? Or do we just all have our own strong fashion tastes.

What I'm trying to get at... is I don't want to put off a large amount of women by my clothing style... but then I guess it comes down to... do you want to attract a large amount of men/women... or the ones you have the most common with (aka style, music tastes).

I have found people often dress to match their music tastes (probably the most obvious comment on GAG..). For instance... people who wear your very fashionable clothing AKA things the top man/Asos models wear... I often find they tend to like current pop music. The people that like indie/alternative... wear plaid shirts etc/that style. Then those twats that like grime dress like chavs.

So... does clothing all come down to if it suits the person? Would you date someone who dresses in a different style to you?


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  • i would but i don't like frat guys. i like guys who wear street style type stuff like things from vetements and off white and enfants riches deprimes stuff

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      Yeah frat is like generic/house music/Ibiza lads. Would a guy wearing casual indie clothing be that off putting?

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      no! it's not my favorite style but it's not bad.

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