Good Sign Or Bad Sign?

Me and my ex have been broken up for a while now. (1 1/2 months or so) and things have been complicated. Anyways last time I talked to her things were going well until I talked about another girl having a crush on me and at that point she got mad and hung up on me. She said that she doesn't want me to contact her anymore saying she doesn't wanna hear about my relationship status or what I've been up to (no contact for a couple weeks before that). Anyways this morning she texted me asking me if I want my stuff back. Do you see this as a good or bad sign? On one hand it can be seen as her having an excuse to see me but on the other she could have completely moved on. What do you think? by the way she broke up with me.

  • Good. She wants to see you.
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  • Bad. She's moved on.
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  • she wants to give you your stuff back because she's not the kind of person to throw away stuff she doesn't own


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