We're still talking after the first date, should I just ask him for a second date? or is it too soon?

we had our first date last week, he said he wanted to do it again, but hasn't made plans yet. i know he gets super busy with his job and he has partial custody of his kids, so i don't wanna push it if he's making plans and just hasn't said so yet. how long does it normally take for the second date to get planned? is it safe or too soon to just ask him? we've been talking since that night so it's not like i haven't heard from him, we text a few times each day if not every other day. i also don't wanna be so forward that he runs the other way. i'm new to the dating field so not quite sure how to handle this one.


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  • yeah ask it


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  • Continue Here, dear, to Talk and Text for Now Somehow. You can Perhaps give a Helpful Hint of How wonderful the First Date was and that it would be Fun, Hun... To do it Again.
    Work with his Schedule until He Has the Time to do the Second Time. xx

  • I am not very experienced in this field either as I have always long term relationships. But sometimes the second date has been one week later..
    But I would ask it from him - and say that I would like to see him again..