Should I say something to this guy that hurt my feelings?

He was a family frienand we had a thing going for about a month or so. And at first he acted like he liked me a lot but then he started distancing himself and when I asked him about he gave me all these cliches that he wasn't ready and I deserved more etc. well fast forward to 3 months later and he is seeing a girl he met while we were dating and making all the effort he didn't make for me. We had gone back to being friends but now that I have this new information and see him with this new girl I feel hurt and like he lied to me and like a fool for believing what he said. Should I say something to him? If so, what?


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  • It seems like a waste of time. You know why he pushed you away already. As to the "lie" part of it, well then just don't be his friend. It's not like you want to be the person he uses whenever he's lonely and single until he find a new girl. There may be some times when it's good to confront someone and talk if they are willing in order to get and give some closure, but I don't think this is one of them. It's usually the really fucked up complicated situations that should be talked out, but they're so cluster fucked that there is no way to get both people to come together and talk about it.


What Girls Said 1

  • No. Don't say shit. Move on, like a good boss should. Fuck that noise.