Is Tinder really for getting laid?

Just about every guy I've known who used Tinder used it for the sole purpose of getting laid and they had success in accomplishing that. I've yet to even meet a girl in person let alone get laid and I'd say 1/3 girl's profiles say "If you are looking for a hookup or a one night stand, swipe left." Getting matches is hard for me and the few I get never seem interested in hookups at all. The 2 who ever did flaked and ghosted on me the same day before we ever even ended up meeting. The overwhelming majority seem repulsed by the idea of hooking up and even the ones that I talk to on a purely emotional level are always paranoid as hell about what my true intentions are. I don't get it...


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What Girls Said 1

  • You need to be ridiculously attractive to hook up with girls through tinder.

    • Even meeting at all is difficult for me. Not just hooking up. Not to mention it's not just attactive girls who behave like that. I can go to a profile of a really fat and ugly girl and it says the same stuff "I'M NOT LOOKING FOR A HOOKUP SO DON'T ASK"

What Guys Said 1

  • Lol. Consider it somewhat of a mirror experience to the dating world. Yes it's commonly used for hookups. Yes a lot of female profiles say looking for more. Yes a lot of girls hookup despite what they put on their profile. Serious dating relationships tend to be more rare on tinder, without a weeding out process beforehand. I have friends who currently have boyfriends or girlfriends they met on tinder. A couple going on over a year now. So Tinder definitely has people using it for dating. It's just common to be used for hooking up as well.

    • Well the few times I ever actually get matches, they most likely never reply. When they do reply I'm lucky to receive another within the next few days (if at all) usually have to bug them with another message before they reply again. Then they never seem comfortable with the idea of meeting, even if it's in a public setting. I don't know how other people do it.