I'm nervous about visiting my boyfriend in college any tips?

So we've been dating for almost three years & he's away at college right now. Last year I used to visit him basically every other weekend and it was fine. He only had one roommate. This year he lives in basically an apartment with 4 other guys that I have met twice. I've only visited once this whole year because he usually comes home on weekends. This weekend I'm supposed to go visit him but I'm really nervous because my anxiety has been really bad lately & it's worse when I'm with people that I don't know well & that's exactly the situation that I'll be putting myself into. I know I can just not go but I really want to see him.. in just looking for tips to calm down about this situation, sorry if this sounds stupid.


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  • come on it is not first time u will see him


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  • What are you nervous about? What makes you feel that way?