What are the signs of a bad date - when a guy is not interested in you and what are the signs when he is shy or nervous?

What are the signs that the date was bad and he was not interested in me? What are the signs that he was just nervous?

He asked me out on a Monday did not smile and wanted to end the date after 1h. For a short time he looked really deep in my eyes and afterwards he avoided eye contact. There were awkward pauses during the evening. He hasn't written me anymore. He was playing with some things on the table and was somehow hektic. He insisted on paying. He gave me a tender hug in the end and rubbed my back. Thanks!


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  • Nervous wouldn't leave early, they would fidget and avoid eye contact, but they would want to spend as long as possible with you. He wasn't interested in my opinion.


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  • He was not that into you.