Please help, I'm clueless when it comes to dating. Should I chase after my crush?

I've never dated before and I'm not sure if my crush likes me back. we've only talked once and I was the one to go up to him and say "hi. "
I just don't know if I read too much into his behavior or maybe he's just shy?
I had to dress up for high school but we both have college classes in the mornings. that day I walked past him while he was sitting at a table, I noticed he did a "triple" look at me but maybe there was something on my skirt I didn't see?

I have had other chances to speak to him but he's always sitting down and I don't want to be awkward by sitting next to him and bothering him. His friends are also sometimes always around as well.

Should I just let him come up to me, be the one who starts the conversation again, or just let him go and not bother?


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  • What thing would have the best positive outcome if you did it?

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      That's part of the issue... I don't know... we could become friends and maybe it would lead somewhere

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      Any suggestions on how to initiate a conversation?

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      The topic really doesn't matter. We see people all the time talking in the elevators about the weather and pets, and it does work.

      Moreover you can just make some questions, like asking the other person's opinion or how they are doing in some aspect in their lives. People love to give their views on things, and usually that does give further details to develop a conversation.

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  • I think you should keep talking to him in order to get to know him better.