Is it just cuddle buddies?

I have recently met a guy who has become my cuddle buddy. We dated briefly for a few weeks but he wasn't ready for a relationship so things fizzled out. It's been about a month and we still talk as friends and he texts me everyday. We recently took our kids on a play date together at one his friends parties. He comes over about once a week and we snuggle and hug and kiss. He stays the night but We don't have sex. I think it's going fairly well because I'm still getting a lot of the good parts that come with a relationship with out the difficulty that comes with friends with benefits. My question is how long do cuddle buddy's last? Does anyone have experience with this type of situation? It feels different then how I think of friends with benefits bc there's no sex. Is he just trying to wait me out and see if it will become fwb?


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  • Stop doing that, accept the relationship isn't happening and seek a healthy relationship with another adult. Hanging out to cuddle and kiss is just weird for adults if you aren't dating. Repeating that behaviour out of comfort or convenience isn't good for you over time. Allow yourself to be available to someone else.