Why is my boyfriend acting like this?

So my boyfriend and I haven't been going out for very long at all. But we started off normal, him asking me out on dates and he even would ask me to spend the night before we started to date. We never had sex and still haven't but we do everything else. He was so active in out relationship and now almost two months into the relationship he doesn't snapchat me nearly as much. A couple of times he didn't even want to cuddle at night. But he is still cuddling when we watch movies or he will hit my but or bring me food. I'm just hung up on the snapchatting. That is our form of texting unless it's urgent. Why is he basically only sending me good morning and good night snaps? We were friends before we started to date, really close friends. Have known him for 2 years so we already know basically everything about eachother and are comfortable around eachother. He is much older than me and only works where I go to school. But he is aloud to use his phone at work so it doesn't make sense to me. I think he still likes me, I hope. I had Thanksgiving with his family and friends it was my first time meeting them. I don't know what to think! I want to talk to him but I don't want to feel needy.


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  • He probably isn't trying as hard as he was at the start of your relationship


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  • Honey-moon period is over to him. According to my experience and to some observations I've made, many men do that.
    He's probably starting to take you for granted and he feels like he doesn't need to try anymore.