Did she get jealous about comment I made about a friend's Facebook picture?

Ok so I've had a crush on this woman for a couple months now I text her from time to time anyhow there's this woman she's best friends with and have her as a friend on Facebook well I commented on her picture very pretty and she said thanks and I said your welcome boo next thing I know the one I have a crush on blocked me this lasted maybe 10 mins then she unblocked me and she put up two pictures of herself right after she unblocked me and I told her very pretty and she liked my comment and has been liking a lot of my posts lately me and her have called each other boo before and she put up a picture that said below it I only want what's best for you and that's me I think the post was intended for me to see so I put up a couple posts about how i really like you a lot then I look later there's one she puts up that says something about fighting for someone you love but you shouldn't waste your time fighting for someone that doesn't once again not knowing if it was intended for me. I wanna know do you think she likes me? And does it sound like she got jealous because she has feelings for me?


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  • Yes, she got jealous. If you want a chance with her, don't do stuff like that, you're ruining your chances.

    Women don't like competing - if we think there might be another girl you fancy, we just drop you and move on.

    I realise she might not be the only girl you fancy, but if she's the one you want, you need to make sure you only flirt with her.

    Especially on social media where everyone can see it! You probably embarrassed her too, as everyone can see that you wrote flirty stuff on the other girl's photo. That's enough to make a girl give up on you, even if she was interested before.

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      Would she get jealous if she didn't like me? Do you think the post and and quote about being the best thing for her was meant for me? What about the one where it said it's pointless fighting for someone that doesn't wanna be with you was she trying to give up being with her? it seems like she got mad after I called the other girl boo. her and I have called each other that before. Do you think she has feelings for me?

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      Oh sorry, if you're both cheating on other people then I refuse to help anymore.

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      Uh, were not cheating were just communicating on Facebook and text each other sometimes because we're friends it's different for two women to be with one another rather than a man and woman being together men get turned on by that kind of stuff anyways they may like it