The texting has decreased, but he told a mutual friend he bought concert tickets? what's going on?

everything i've read or been told basically says that if a guy doesn't text/call as much, it means he's not as interested as he maybe was. me and this guy went on a date almost a week ago, and up until that point we were texting for a few hours every night, and then after the date it was here and there for a couple days, including a text saying he saw me in the hall (at our church) and was going to say hi but then i disappeared. after the first date he said he had an awesome time and hoped we could do it again, but hasn't said anything about a second date since. i've seen him almost every night this week because we have stuff going on at church, so it's like we're alone or anything. he remembered that i like pepsi and brought me pepsi. then i found out through a mutual guy friend that while the guys (there were 3 of them including the guy i went out with) were talking about a concert coming up in 3 weeks, my guy offered to buy tickets for everyone (6 people), and when he was asked who the tickets were for-he said his name and then my name. so now i'm confused because he hasn't said a word about it but dropped my name in front of these guys and i'm still trying to figure out what exactly we're doing, dating? talking? and then with the texts decreasing from him, it's even more confusing. is he texting less because he's knows he'll see me later? or texting less because we had our first date and now he can make plans? i'm used to dating guys who text all the time, several times a day plus a phone call. my sisters think he's just moving slow so he doesn't scare me off or maybe just doesn't like texting or something, but then why did almost all last week before the date did we text for several hours each night? and now he's making plans and hasn't even said anything about them. what am i missing here?


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  • If he's still making plans in his head that involve taking you to a concert, he's still interested. We guys just aren't the best communicators out there.

    Basically, my take on your scenario is that he was texting you for a couple hours a night because he was interested at the time, and was trying to establish something positive to get that first date. After he got the date, texting wasn't so important. I'd be willing to bet that he doesn't really text much at all, so those few hours a night were a bit of a special treat, and out of his comfort zone.

    I'd suggest hinting that you miss his conversations next time you have an opportunity to chat with him. Let him know how much those texting conversations drew you to him. He'll likely be encouraged that you enjoyed talking with him, and may even jump all over texting you every chance he gets since you confirm that it was working. Don't sweat the finer details, like what title you need to give your relationship. Let that part develop naturally.


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  • You are probably a couple of steps prior to dating him. Have you kissed/held hands? Anyway, if he bought tickets for you and him, I'd say he's definitely interested in you.