Girls, Single since 2011. Any advice?

I haven't been able to get a single girlfriend since getting out of high school.. since graduating in 2010 I have served in the Marine Corps and started a business.

I have little to no problems talking to women however that's only when I've had a few beers... Part of me thinks that HighSchool forced me to interact with women and that's how I was able to get girlfriends in highschool. Which I bounced around fairly easily. These days I can talk to a women and chat for a few minutes just fine as long as it's in passing... I can't hold a conversation anymore I'm pretty sure I lack the confidence I used to have along with "hormonal need" for sex. Or it could have been I got married right outta highschool and promptly divorced after she cheated which created the lack of confidence and loss of self esteem.

I also think i compound the problem with the thought process of why bother looking when it never happens. The I just don't care anymore attitude when it comes to finding a relationship. I started driving a Semi after the military which isolates me from a lot of people the majority of the time. Honestly I just need some fresh eyes and minds from a woman's perspective.


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  • I've been single since 1992 :).

  • I am sorry about your previous negative experience with your ex wife. That must have been difficult to deal with. Have you tried picking new hobbies? Also, you could start hanging out with women who happen to be in the same work environment as you.

    • Same work environment? I drive a 80,000lb Tractor-Trailer across country lol. The few women in my work environment are usually "lot lizards" or married women that drive with their S/O