My crush has a boyfriend? Rejected?

I asked my crush out, she said she only sees me as a friend... and she has a serious boyfriend...

I don't know, I really loved her and my heart hurts now... I feel so hurt, it bothers me so much that she has a boyfriend. I feel so anixous thinking about her. Overthinking what their relationship is like.

I didn't even know :(


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  • Just let it go already lmao, you don't stand a chance that's it.


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  • So what. It's not like it's your fault. Life sometimes just throw you a hard ball. Pick yourself up and get back out there.

    • I feel like I should have shown my love better, and said different things,

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    • Thanks for the MHG

    • Welcome, It just hurts


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  • there is nothing to do


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  • lol boyfriends or husbands dont mean shit... Hell i lost my virginity to my brothers best friends wife lol

  • Move on. At best she'll use u as a rebound if things don't work out with Chad and you end up getting her when she older/less attractive and possibly put on 20-30 lbs.

    Self improve, work on your goals, forget about her, live a great life and date women younger. As a man you should always have as your ideal to go for women 16-24 years old as your girlfriend, and be skeptical about any women over 25.

    • Oh and a quick way to get over your crush fast is to picture on here knees with her tongue out, begging for the cum of her boyfriend and asking him to shoot his load into her mouth.

    • That definitely does not help