Does it sound like this girl likes me romantically?

So, there's a girl I'm into. We're good friends although we haven't met yet. ( she added me on facebook with her friend) lately she seems to be opening up to me, she is a really shy girl. When we talk she'll tell me about her anxiety, how it effected her as a kid etc, (I have anxiety too) I usually get selfies off her occasionally just out of the blue. She'll vent to me about her uni house mates, her friends that annoy her or her folks. She'll send not one message but like 10-15-20 messages. We've chatted till quite late. She'll share with memes and stuff she finds funny. Or cute photos of her cats


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  • She might! If she's sharing deep or personal things and added you randomly on Facebook, sending you selfies. It's a good chance, be careful though, she might give all the signs and it turns out not to be the case, simply because girls are confusing! 😂

    • That's what I was thinking haha. I thought she might like me as more then a friend cause with the personal info and that she was sharing. My best friends a girl we're pretty close but she has never divulged really personal info about her as much as this girl has

    • Yeah I totally get it. Fingers crossed! :)


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  • Telling you about her anxiety, her annoying friends and definitely much more than that. Red Flags. Stay away from her.

  • She cares about impressing you. Are you really into her? If yes, good luck.