Is she cheating? I needa know?

So i call this girl and tell her not to go on pause and gimme her snapchat pw and she hurries and goes on pause and she says she's "checking her messages" what y'all think? Lmk in the comments bc she act like im crazy. And she's a know liar by the way if that helps


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  • Her password is none of your business. If you're concerned about her loyalty have an honest conversation about why without going through her things

    • I've done that multiple times but friends of mine have sent me pics of her flirting, what should i do?

    • Talk to her about it and say you're hurt by what you've heard so she can say her side. If you can't agree on what's acceptable behaviour with others then this may not be the relationship for you

  • *facepalm*


What Guys Said 1

  • 26 and you're asking for a girl's snapchat pw

    Goodness what is this world coming to...

    • 18 but I don't know how it said 26 lmao

    • Well okay. Don't ask for peoples passwords. You scream desperation/insecurity when you ask for a girl's passwords. And by the way... there is a 100% chance that she's talking to more than just you. She's [presumably] your age?