I really want to sit down and have a talk with my ex. We are still friends and have been hanging out a lot.

so me and my ex have been hanging out a lot she has been flirting a lot with me I'm just trying to figure out do you ladies think its a bad idea to call her or text her and say I wanna talk to her because I feel like that's always a bad idea to say hi can we talk lol so let me know what you think ladies


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  • i think texting or calling her asking her to talk kinda sounds more negative. while next time you all hang out then you could bring it up, and she won't be able to avoid you if you do it face to face..


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  • let her go, find someone new

    • For the last time you stupid asshole guys do not write if you aren't going to answer the ? holy sh*t every guy on here is a f***ing asshole shut the f*** up unless someones asks you a ? damn

  • Why would you text her and say, "Can we talk?" If you want to have a serious conversation, do it in person.

    • Thats what I'm saying I want to talk to her in person I just don't wana be like can we talk that's all please read the ? before you answer because this was a ? for the ladies but I guess you never read it

    • I understand that you want to talk in person. What I'm saying is that you should just talk in person. There's no reason to text her to ask if you can. And if you don't care what I say, that's fine. That's your choice...