A few years ago my guy friend told me I never flirted with anyone and laughed at me for it...

Guys and girls too, how can you tell if a girl is flirting? I like to think I'm flirty, but every time I think I'm doing a good job, his annoying little voice whispers in my head "you never flirt with anyone...I don't think you know *how* to" so I don't know how to know if I'm flirting. So what do you consider to be flirting (on a girl's part)?


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  • Well remember flirting is any action or sign you give someone to get them interested or to make them want to be around you. Here's is some common ones giggling, twrilling your hair or flipping it behind your ear, not maintaining eye contact like you got caught checking out a part of his body, stuttering when talking, intentionally dropping something to make a guy pick it up for you, and leaving cute messages it could be like love letters or texts often using something like this xoxoxo, swak, muah, spraying perfume on a letter, etc... Also this may not really be flirting but remember clothes you wear can be a way of attracting attention too wearing revealing clothes that so cleavage or whatever, picking out an outfit specifically to attract someone's attention, wearing a short skirt and intentionally crossing your legs wide enough so you panties show. Problem with doing this is you could be just simply wanting to get a guys attention usually someone who is shy and not getting you are flirting but they could also give out wrong signals so just got to be careful. But I have seen girls do those things too.

  • just showing interest in someone is a type of flirting, joking with them personally is a type of flirting. so if I haven't talked to a girl in a long time and she sends a text saying "hey stranger if you could take a break from you're busy life and and come see me you'd be wise to do so". that's flirting to me.


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