Why Won't He Mind His Own Business?

I use to be friends with a guy and we stopped hanging out when he got a girlfriend(who is also a friend of mine).I went shopping with my brothers friend (who is a guy) which I thought was no big deal. My friend told her boyfriend and when my friends boyfriend found out he wouldn't stop asking about it and not minding his own business, I mean were only hanging out why does he give a damn? I don't understand why he has to interrogate her about my business?He also mentioned that I have been "dating'' a lot of different guys,which in fact all me and these guys were doing is hanging out as friends.He has a girlfriend so why does he seem so interested in what I do?


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  • i agree with 'love-redneck-boys' . I think this guy has a crush on you. if it gets on your nerves you should either talk to him about it or talk to your friend about why her boyfriend keeps asking about your business. maybe it'll trigger something and she'll also wonder the same thing. the way I see it is if he's trying to stir up trouble for you, then stir up trouble for him. maybe he'll come to his senses.

  • All I can say is that maybe, (I don't know how your guys relationship was when you did hangout together) he could like you or still like you. It could seem to him that he thinks your going to wait for him to get out of the relationship so you guys can get together. Again I don't know how close you guys were. He doesn't want to with other guys for the same reason.