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He only texts me!! What does this mean?

I met this guy a few months ago (about 2 months ago) and we have literally talked everyday since we met. He is about 25 and I am finishing up at... Show More

Oh,I'm silly I should have said this before, he asks me pretty constantly to come and visit him! We have made plans to visit each other as soon as I am done with school.

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  • Theres no 1 answer to this. Id rather text than talk on the phone. It doesn't mean I'm hiding anything or that I'm not interested, it just means its easier and there's no awkward pauses. Well sometimes there are but its expected. Do you drop hints or imply that you want him to call you and he still refuses? Do you call him at all? People are strange also and if your not doing it he may figure that he won't do it either.

    Now as for going on a date, that depends on how far the 2 of you are away from each other. If your within a decent range were 1 of you ccould travel or meet half way than that probably shouldve been done by now. I don't know the specifics of your relationship but you prob already are his pen pal/chat buddy with the possibility to be a love intrest and not the other way around as you say.

What Girls Said 1

  • I wouldn't be incredibly concerned but summer is coming and you will have more time. If you tell him you want to meet and he keeps pushing you off then you definitely have a problem. At that point he is either using you as a texting buddy or just sees you as something that is there to fall back on. I have had a similar thing happen and honestly I would leave it that unless he wants to meet you and spend time in person together you should drop him cause its not worth your time.

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