Is this mean?

there is guy that said that he liked me and we got over each other and then he told me that when we were dating that he was gay and know I don't want to be friend with him is that mean


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  • Ummmm. wow. Not really cool in his part to tell you the truth. To me he was using you to try to hide himself from his truth. You should be mad at him. He wasnt entirely honest with you. But one thing is important, never hate him for being gay. That he is gay doesn't really give the right to discriminate. Don't deny his friendship, but demand an honest apology.

    • U just help me so much he is on the phone right know thanks u


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  • Nope!

    If you guys are supposed to be friends, then he should be able to be honest with you. He didn't have to date you. He could have just hung out with you and been casual until he was ready to admit to himself what he is.

    Ask the former governor of New jersey's wife if the lie about being gay is cool.

  • You can be mad at him because he wasn't honest with you. if you don't want to be his friend over that, that's fine. but if the only reason you're not wanting to be friends with him is BECAUSE he's gay, then that's wrong.

    Keep in mind also that he may not have known himself before. a friend of my boyfriends, he dated a lot of girls, then all of a sudden out of the blue he told us he was gay. he didn't know, or wasn't comfortable, with the fact that he was gay before.

  • no. its was wrong of him to use you like that.